Continuous Centrifugal Improvement at Victorias Milling Co., Inc.
     Del Castillo, V.M. Jr. 1978.  Innovations and new modes of operation of continuous centrifugals for low-grade massecuite at Victorias Milling resulted to an increase in equipment capacity, bigger and more uniform C-sugar crystals, a reduction in the number of operating personnel, maintenance, labor and…
Automatic Control Device for Cane Elevator of Central Tarlac
     Payongayong, C. 1965.  A descriptive report on the automatic control device of cane elevator system in Central Tarlac, highlighted with the design features, devices mounted on the panelboard and its operation. PROCEEDINGS OF THE PHILIPPINE SUGAR TECHNOLOGISTS. August: 319-322.
Treatment, Disposal and Utilization of Industrial Wastes with Particular Reference to Distillery Slops.
     Tiglao,J. and Batenga, D.E.1953.  A series of experiments on the treatment and disposal of distillery slops for utilization as fertilizers in sugarcane culture. PROCEEDINGS OF THE PHILIPPINE SUGAR TECHNOLOGISTS. August: 149-153.
The Refining Qualities of Philippine Raw Sugars
     Balasico, B. M. 1953.   Refining quality refers to those characteristics of a raw sugar aside from polarization and moisture, such as color, adequacy of grain size and filterability, however, routine raw sugar analysis includes polarization and moisture, it does not include color, grain size and filterability. PROCEEDINGS OF…
The Possibility of Exporting Philippine Sugar in Bulk.
     De Ocampo, L. 1953.  Exporting countries, such as Hawaii and Puerto Rico are now sending most of their sugar to the United States in bulk thereby greatly reducing their production cost by eliminating the use of bags. There is no reason why the Philippines cannot export its sugar in bulk. PROCEEDINGS OF THE PHILIPPINE…