Sugar mills cleared 87 per cent of total cane payment: Media report

April 10, 2024
ChiniMandi |

A government official stated that Indian sugar mills have been making good progress in paying sugarcane farmers this year. They’ve already given out Rs 78,000 crore to farmers from October to March, which is halfway through the sugar season running from October to September, reported PTI.

By the end of March, the mills had paid 87 per cent of the total payment, which is Rs 90,000 crore, for this season.

The official explained that against the total payment of Rs 90,000 crore for October to March, Rs 78,000 crore has already been paid out. The payment follows a set price of Rs 315 per quintal, as decided by the government.

Apart from this, the official mentioned that sugar mills have cleared almost all of the Rs 1.15 lakh crore dues from the last season. Only a few dues from earlier seasons are left, mostly due to legal issues.